Tracked Projects

Select a project to review detailed information regarding the project including: progress, bug reports, patches, and revision history. For access to some of the project information a user account may be required.

WordPress Projects

Public projects related to WordPress.

CDN with local fallback

Allows WordPress administrators to configure CDNs with local fallback for JavaScript resources.

More Permalink Settings

Allows WordPress administrators to adjust additional settings related to the generation of permalinks.

Zen Cart Projects

Public projects related to Zen Cart.

Ultimate URLs

Allows Zen Cart administrators to configure URLs.

Non Blocking Lock

Provides a non-blocking method for obtaining advisory locks (across multiple processes / threads).

Shipping Accessorials

Allows Zen Cart customers to provide additional information about their shipping locations.

Reset Task

Allows Zen Cart administrators to reset the store back to a previous state on an automated schedule.

Product Table Listing

Allows Zen Cart to display product lists in a table similar to print catalogs.

Markup Manager

Allows Zen Cart administrators to configure sitewide, category, and manufacturer based price markups.

Ty Package Tracker

Allows Zen Cart customers and administrators to track packages from different shipping carriers.

Edit Orders

Allows Zen Cart administrators to edit a customer's order.

Plugin Manager

Provides a common framework for installing, upgrading, and removing Zen Cart modules.

Tabbed Products Pro

Allows you to change the look of your product info screen to use sections (tabs on larger viewports).

Extra HTML Fields

Allows administrators to define additional HTML content for products and categories (h2, short descriptions, footer).


Provides a framework for the creation and scheduling of automated tasks.

DropShip Core

Provides support for dimensional shipping, different shipping suppliers (origins), and custom shipping packages.

SSL / TLS Certificate

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