CDN with local fallback

CDN with local fallback allows ‚ÄčWordPress administrators to configure CDNs with local fallback for JavaScript resources.


  • Can operate as a normal WordPress plugin or as a "Must Use" plugin
  • Allows one to specify a check and location for each JavaScript resource
    • The check is a JavaScript expression returning true if the resource is loaded
    • The location is the URI to a CDN for the JavaScript resource
    • The requested resource version (when present) is passed to the URI
  • Provides a WordPress administrative page for changing settings
    • All language strings are internationalized (i18n)

What are the Requirements?

  • Working installation of WordPress 4.1 or higher
  • An account with "superuser" access WordPress's administrative interface
  • Read and agree to the License

Where Can I Download?

Stable versions of this module are available upon request. Please do not use versions of this plugin distributed from other sources, as these may contain unstable changes introduced by others.

How Can I Contribute?

This module will only get better with the help of active contributors. If you use this module please consider actively contributing. Here are some ways:

  • Provide insight and ideas for new features, user interfaces, and other improvements
  • Consider joining the beta team and helping test new versions before they are available to the general public
  • Join the team of developers and contribute new features, fixes, and code directly
  • Make a small donation to help cover hosting, development, and other costs
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