DropShip Core

DropShip Core adds core capabilities to Zen Cart in order to the support dimensional shipping, different shipping suppliers (origins), and different predefined shipping packages. Zen Cart administrators can input different package types (and sizes) based upon their shipping providers (UPS, Freight, etc). Shipping supplies (origin locations) can be entered and assigned to specific manufacturers and / or products.

A base shipping class is provided to handle existing shipping requirements and provide access to the new information. The abstraction of shipping modules allows the quick creation of new Zen Cart shipping modules. Extending the base class will give new shipping modules quick and easy access to additional shipping information such as shipping suppliers (origin locations), dimensional data (length, width, height), weight data, and package information.


  • Adds the ability to specify additional shipping information at the product level: Shipping package type (per carrier), Maximum quantity fitting in container, Shipping leadtime, Shipping width, Shipping height, Shipping length, Shipping class (freight), and Shipping (origin) location.
  • Adds the ability to specify custom package types for each shipping carrier (and assign the packaging to products). The following information can be specified for package types: Shipping Carrier (UPS, USPS, etc), Packaging Name (friendly / short name), Description (longer description of the packaging), Packaging Type (Shipping Carrier's code for the packaging), Shipping width (external width of packaging), Shipping height (external width of packaging), Shipping length (external width of packaging), Shipping weight (will be added to product weight).
  • Adds the ability to specify shipping (origin) locations for Drop Shipping. The following information can be specified for each location: Display Name (alias), Company Name, Street Address, City, State, Postal Code (zipcode), Country, Contant Email address, Contact Telephone, Contact Person (name), Notes about location.
  • Provides abstract classes for creating shipping modules. These core classes provide methods returning the additional packaging and shipping information about products in an order. This allows for the quick and efficient creation of additional shipping modules without the need to duplicate code efforts.
  • Includes an observer to capture and log shipping reference information (such as a reference id). When a shipping module makes this information available it will be logged to the order status history as a private note (not shown / sent to the customer).

What are the Requirements?

  • Working installation of Zen Cart 1.5 or higher
  • Secure FTP access to the Zen Cart installation (while you can use plain FTP it is not recommended)
  • An account with "superuser" access Zen Cart's administrative interface
  • Shipping modules built upon DropShip Core's shipping class (or the creation of new modules)
  • Read and agree to the License

Are There Any Known Issues?

  • Shipping origins are currently limited to the store's configured country

Where Can I Download?

Stable versions of this module are available on the Zen Cart website in the plugins section. Please do not use versions of this plugin distributed from other sources, as these may contain unstable changes introduced by others.

How Can I Contribute?

This module will only get better with the help of active contributors. If you use this module please consider actively contributing. Here are some ways:

  • Helping answer questions in the Zen Cart forums regarding this module
  • Provide insight and ideas for new features, user interfaces, and other improvements
  • Consider joining the beta team and helping test new versions before they are available to the general public
  • Join the team of developers and contribute new features, fixes, and code directly
  • Make a small donation to help cover hosting, development, and other costs
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