Beta Team

Do you have a passion for living on the edge? Or maybe you enjoy finding and solving problems? Have some time to actively contribute? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may wish to join the beta team for Edit Orders.

Access to beta releases

As a member of the beta team you will be periodically provided access to beta releases and release candidates before the general public. This allows you to test and actively provide feedback on any (and all) upcoming changes to Edit Orders.

Access to create / edit tickets

Once you become a member of the beta team, access will be provided to create and edit the tickets on this website. Find something not working? Want a new feature? Find and edit the corresponding ticket (or create one if none are present)!

Access to edit the wiki

See something wrong with the documentation on this website? Beta team members can create, edit, and delete information on this site! Want to add to the existing "how to" section of the readme? Just create an article (under HowTo) on the subject and create a ticket asking us to include your changes!

Developer Access

All developers are automatically part of the beta team. In addition, developers gain access to the code repository and RPC access to this website. This allows developers to more easily checkout new versions of files and contribute their changes. RPC access allows developers to use tools such as Tasktop and Eclipse Mylyn to track, create, and update tickets.

Considerations / Requirements

Pre-release code may contain bugs or errors which could adversely impact a website running Zen Cart. As such, running beta (or release candidate) code on a production website is not recommended. Documentation and support for pre-release versions may not be readily available.

Members of the beta team are required to agree not to distribute or discuss any pre-release code. Talking about specific changes in the beta or requesting help for issues with the beta (from those not part of the beta team) will not be tolerated. Any and all feedback should be directed to the developers of Edit Orders or the ticket system on this website.

Join Today!

Requests to join the beta team (or developer team) should include acknowledgement of the details on this page, include a valid and working email address (if requesting via the Zen Cart forums, please PM lhungil and specify your email address as " AT hotmail DOT com").

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