Plugin Manager

Plugin Manager is an admin module for Zen Cart providing a common framework for installing, upgrading, and removing Zen Cart modules.


  • Includes support for handling multiple languages
    • Uses standard Zen Cart "define" language files
    • Includes some "common" warning, error, and success messages
    • Allows individual modules to provide additional language keys / definitions
    • Only loads language files during module installation, upgrading, or removal
  • Provides support for indicating the installed version of modules
  • Displays relevant warning and error messages during module installation, upgrading, or removal
  • Automatically checks common requirements for modules:
    • Warns if some commonly mis-configured Zen Cart settings are present
    • Validates the presence of new files added by the module
    • Removes obsolete files (from previous versions) if present
    • Ensures required module configuration entries are present
  • Includes hooks providing the following actions:
    • Handling / verifying file changes (modified core files)
    • Handling / verifying database changes
    • Handling / verifying Admin Menu changes
    • Handling changes specific to a module upgrade
  • Provides convenience functions for querying database metadata
    • Checking if a table exists
    • Checking if a column exists in a specific table
    • Checking if a named key (index) exists in a specific table
  • Convenience functions for handling common tasks:
    • Creating / retrieving the configuration group
    • Updating or Removing configuration options
    • Retrieving / Evaluating configured "define" statements from a file
    • Replacing / Updating content in a file (uses preg_replace)
    • Creating "init_includes" files for module installation, upgrading, and removal
  • Creating a distribution zip files for a plugin
    • Includes all new and modified files
    • Places "blank" files in place of obsolete files
    • Adds the core plugin classes and language files
    • Adds "stub" files for installation and removal

What are the Requirements?

  • Working installation of Zen Cart 1.5.x
  • Secure FTP access to the Zen Cart installation (while you can use plain FTP it is not recommended)
  • An account with "superuser" access Zen Cart's administrative interface
  • Read and agree to the License

Are There Any Known Issues?

  • Only Zen Cart modules built upon this system will work with Plugin Manager

Where Can I Download?

This module had not been publicly released. If interested in testing or using this plugin contact lhungil. Please do not use versions of this plugin distributed from other sources, as these may contain unstable changes introduced by others.

How Can I Contribute?

This module will only get better with the help of active contributors. If you use this module please consider actively contributing. Here are some ways:

  • Helping answer questions in the Zen Cart forums regarding this module
  • Provide insight and ideas for new features, user interfaces, and other improvements
  • Consider joining the beta team and helping test new versions before they are available to the general public
  • Join the team of developers and contribute new features, fixes, and code directly
  • Make a small donation to help cover hosting, development, and other costs
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