Product Table Listing

Product Table Listing adds the ability for Zen Cart to display product lists in a table similar to print catalogs.


  • "Readonly" attributes are automatically matched, sorted, and added to the listing (on the left)
  • The class names used by the default Zen Cart product listing are also added by this module
  • Items not part of the stock Zen Cart product listing have their own class names defined for clarity
  • All display settings are independent of the stock Zen Cart Product Listings
  • One can selectively choose to display various product information
    • Product name, image, model, manufacturer, quantity, price, and weight are supported
  • You can selectively apply a link to the product model and image shown in the product listings
  • Links generated for the product name and model include an unique element id (based on the product id)
    • This allows selectively attaching CSS styles or javascript to the generated links
  • Each table cell in a column contains an additional CSS class
    • The same class is applied to all table cells in the same column
  • Buttons such as "add to cart", "buy now", or "call for price" are wrapped inside a span with associated class
    • This allows individual styling of the items inside the "price" column
    • Allows more flexibility than the Zen Cart default addition of "br" elements
  • A new attribute (product option) type "header" is added to Zen Cart
    • The add to cart (buy now button) treats these the same was as "readonly" options
    • Adding this attribute will cause products with identical "readonly" attributes to be listed on the same line
    • The value of the "header" attribute will be listed once above the columns containing product specific details in the table

What are the Requirements?

  • Working installation of Zen Cart 1.5 or higher
  • Secure FTP access to the Zen Cart installation (while you can use plain FTP it is not recommended)
  • An account with "superuser" access Zen Cart's administrative interface
  • Read and agree to the License

Are There Any Known Issues?

  • Tables may become to wide to display if many "readonly" or "header" attributes are added in the same category
  • Mixing products not sharing the same "header" attribute name in the same category is not supported
  • When using the "header" attribute, all products in the category need to have an attribute value added to them (for the attribute name)
  • When using the "header" attribute, one product for each possible combination of attributes and "header" attribute value must be present in the category
  • May not be compatible with "Stock by Attribute" plugins.

Where Can I Download?

Stable versions of this module are available on the Zen Cart website in the plugins section. Please do not use versions of this plugin distributed from other sources, as these may contain unstable changes introduced by others.

How Can I Contribute?

This module will only get better with the help of active contributors. If you use this module please consider actively contributing. Here are some ways:

  • Helping answer questions in the Zen Cart forums regarding this module
  • Provide insight and ideas for new features, user interfaces, and other improvements
  • Consider joining the beta team and helping test new versions before they are available to the general public
  • Join the team of developers and contribute new features, fixes, and code directly
  • Make a small donation to help cover hosting, development, and other costs
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