Tabbed Products Pro

Tabbed Products Pro, or 'TPP', is the successor to the original 'Tabbed Product Lite' contrib. TPP allows you to change the look of your product info screen to use a tabbed display (on larger viewports) with fallback to a more mobile friendly view for smaller viewports (and when JavaScript? is not enabled). This allows for a cleaner, more organized look and feel on product pages.

By default the following global tabs related to the informational aspects of the product page are activated:

  • Product Description
  • Product Details
  • Additional Images
  • Customer Also Purchased
  • Product Reviews

These additional global tabs (mostly related to the transactional aspects of the product page -- attributes, add-to-cart, upsell) are also supported:

  • Main Product Image
  • Add to Cart
  • Attributes
  • Add to Cart ON the Attributes tab
  • Cross Sell (if the Cross Sell Plus Advanced Sell Combo is installed)

Tabs are created dynamically on the display page based on tags entered right in the main product description, or by global options from the admin area.

The proposed ‚ÄčTabbed Products Pro 2 Read Me.

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